Brahmins are a unique class

In the caste system, Brahmins are considered the uppermost class. They have the sole authority to touch and worship God performing all rituals. This is the most unique feature that makes Brahmins different from all.This continues till marriages. All auspicious occasions are incomplete without their participation. When it comes to marriages Brahmin family faces a tough challenge to match all criteria keeping the class at priority start looking for the Brahmin marriage bureau.

A brahmin marriage needs a brahmin who chants hymns and prayers to unite the souls of the couple. The chants are only versed by a brahmin. Every step is taken guided by the lunar calendar. The first step is the ring ceremony which is the formal acceptance of the relationship by both families. The commonness begins with Nandi puja is performed by both families on the same day. Haldikumkum is the next ritual where the grooms family visits the brides’ house and gifts are exchanged along with scrumptious meals. A day before the marriage the bride completes her look by designing Mehendi on her hands and feet. Other relatives to get ready for the gala day. Fun, song and dance complete the colorful ceremony.

Then comes the real day to tie the knot and take vows to accompany each other for 7 lives. This day begins with the Haldi ritual. Another ceremony that is full of pomp and glamour. Haldi is smeared all over the body of the bride and groom. In the evening the groom and his family reachthe bride’s house and new ritual begins. The groom must wear jenui. This thread is the most important part of a brahmins life. However women do not have any symbol of Brahmin hood. The bride and groom sits near the fire or havankund to begin the marriage ceremony. Mantras are chanted and other rituals continue till the bride wears mangalsutra or sindoor. If we talk about food mostly veg items are served. Some popular brahmin surnames are Mishra, Pandey, Kulkarni, Sharma, Ganguly, Chatterjee, Mukherjee, Goswami, Iyer and Tiwari.

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Marriages in India are not just about a solemn act or ceremony. For all eternity, man and woman form a legal relationship. A wedding is a social institution that binds two families together for life. And when it comes to India’s one of the oldest communities, THE PUNJABIS, they are the happiest, the luckiest, and fun-loving people who have a firm belief in the thought that marriages are made in heaven, which is truly reflected in their marriages.

As people, the Punjabis are known for living life to the utmost extent. They’re not afraid to show off, which makes their wedding so full of bling and extravagance. There’s a lot of dancing and excellent music at every Punjabi wedding. Punjabi weddings are colorful, boisterous, and full of Masti and dhamal. 

However, Punjabis are very loyal to their culture, traditions, and customs. Hence, marriages in Punjabi families are a well-earned celebration of love and commitment.

From the Roka ceremony, the reciprocal expression of the bride and groom’s desire to marry, to the Kangan-Bandhan, the bearer of good luck for spouses on their wedding day, every ritual of a Punjabi wedding is pure emotion. Hence, you need a spouse and a potential extended family that knows you, your family, and your beliefs to appreciate these traditions. 

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