• Shortlisting compatible proposals according to your preference.
  • Dispatching compatible proposals to both sides
  • Handling all your communication between prospective matches on your behalf
  • Arranging meeting between both families
  • We make sure to give you our 100% support from the beginning to the last stage until you are married
  • 24/7 support


  • Personally shortlisting compatible proposals according to your preference
  • All proposals are first sent to you and your profile will be sent only after your consent
  • Personal visit to the families and having a look at their setup
  • Arranging meetings with desired profile accompanied by our directors
  • Giving you a quick feedback after the meetings and follow up with concern families
  • Confidentiality of your profile and family are highly maintained
  • Verification of the business and the properties will be done for extremely desired match
  • Interacting and visiting families which are from your source but hesitant to start the interaction and pursue further
  • Exploring matches from other sources without disclosing your name or family profile
  • Marriage counselling for Couples