Taking a membership of matrimonio services means to provide biodata of prospective profiles to each other by email till they are not married during the time period mentioned in their chosen package. Matrimonio services do not promise anyone for getting married. We only provide the biodata and the picture of the requested profiles (if available) for matrimony purposes only and not for dating and friendship. If anyone assumes anything else, then it is not bounded to matrimonio services or its directors. Moreover, any meeting
will be done by the permission of both parties, not forcefully.

Membership amount is not refundable after receiving biodata or in any other case to any member and no claims shall be entertained

after making payment, you automatically become a member. If you wish to terminate your membership after some time the membership fees will not be refundable in any circumstances

I agree to the above rules of matrimonio services and all the details given in my biodata by me or on my behalf are true